RFX3 EVO Black / White

Top performance and total versatility, on the road or the track.

Its modern look says it all: the RFX3 EVO outclasses its prede- cessor the RFX3, taking things to the next level. Introducing the first-ever product in our Racing range to use the new generation of AirGO PROTECH™ Performance shells. Inspired by helmet tech- nology, with their rigid outer shell and soft internal honeycombed element made to absorb impact energy, they offer the best possi- ble combination of ergonomic design, protection, and ventilation, and these shells are solid enough to earn a level 2 protective designation in and of themselves according to the CE standard, in other words, the highest level! In addition to this exceptional protection, the topside of the hand features comfort gussets and a Shock Protech panel in high-density foam underneath the leather on the metacarpals. The palm hosts an ERGO PROTECH® slider shell in soft TPR on the hypothenar, to protect you in case of a fall, without hindering your grip on the controls. The RFX3 EVO perfectly combines safety and comfort and is the style of choice for those who want precision sport-bike road riding and/or want to safely try out track riding. And further proof of its versatile and non-exclusive character lies in its Touch Screen™ system that allows you to use your electronic devices, making a rider’s life easier every day. With its edge over all the others, the RFX3 EVO already possesses certain characteristics that will be featured in our highest-level next-gen Racing gloves…Stay tuned.


  • Supple full-grain goat leather combined with synthetic leather topside construction
  • Supple full-grain goat leather palm
  • Perforated synthetic leather accordion to optimize the knuckle protector position
  • Ventilated AirGO PROTECH™ metacarpal-knuckle protector
  • ERGO PROTECH® soft TPR protective shell on hypothenar (palm slider)
  • TPR finger protection with air intake vent
  • Forearm protection from an ergonomic TPR shell (slider) integrated intothe cuff
  • Dual closure system, with adjustment tab underneath a protective flap
  • Anti-Twist accordion band between ring and pinky fingers to stop your fingers from being pulled apart if you fall (a FIVE innovation)
  • Hi-Res Grip™ palm reinforcement for optimal grip
  • Touch Screen system™ on index finger and thumb
  • CE KP1


XS-07 / S-08 / M-09 / L-10
XL-11 / 2XL-12 / 3XL-13


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