The Stunt Evo2 inspired by helmet technology. The concept invented by Five is now reinvented.

Behind the creation of the STUNT by FIVE was a powerful idea: offering a short, sport-style glove for riding in urban & suburban zones that would be as protective as a track glove, and as lightweight and comfortable as a motocross glove. The STUNT succeeded in fulfilling this mission by adopting stretch elements in its topside construction and featuring sleekly designed protective shells and a leather palm that included a slider-type protective shell.



Though FIVE invented the STUNT, which helped make our brand a success throughout the world, this concept was then frequently copied…but never equaled. After the original STUNT came the STUNT EVO. Now, FIVE stays a step ahead once again with the third generation of this glove, the STUNT EVO2.




New exclusive design Airgoprotech shells !

Even more comfortable and protective than its predecessors, the STUNT EVO2 and its different iterations use the latest generation of AirGO PROTECH™ Performance ergonomic protective shells. Created by the Design and R&D departments at FIVE, their design is trademarked and protected. Their construction is now inspired by helmet technology, combining the benefits of a hard external shell with the advantages of soft internal elements that channel airflow.

Like the hard shell of a helmet, the rigid outer shell protects you from the impact of a fall. And the internal soft element absorbs and diffuses the energy of any impact, as the internal EPS liner on a helmet would do. Its honeycombed structure, which includes multiple openings, promotes optimal airflow (as would the holes and channels in a helmet’s EPS inner liner).

On most gloves, foam of varying thickness is placed underneath the rigid plastic shells (even ventilated ones…), to make the contact zones between the glove and the hand more comfortable. What happens is that the foam tends to obstruct airflow.

No such thing is happening with the STUNT EVO2, because its ergonomic shape and the softness of the internal AirGO PROTECH™ element means that no comfort foam is needed. Only a thin lining allows the air to filter through, thus ensuring a comfortable junction between the skin and the soft protective element that molds to the natural contours of the hand.




The comparison with the world of helmets goes even further, because we’ve also produced 3 different shell sizes to cover the various (glove) sizes we offer. It’s the same as for major helmet makers, except that we’ve doubled down by producing 3 sizes of right-hand shells and 3 sizes of left-hand shells… 😉

These shells are solid enough to earn a level 2 protective designation in and of themselves according to the CE standard, in other words, the highest level.


100% full-grain leather palm for extreme suppleness !

By choosing a 100% full-grain goat leather palm, renowned for its extreme suppleness, and a semi-soft, honeycombed ERGO PROTECH® palm slider, the STUNT EVO2 offers unparalleled feel on the handlebars.


And thanks to its topside construction in stretch Twill Span, the second-skin effect offered by the STUNT EVO2 is simply stunning. This glove’s fit is impeccable, with its velcro tab that’s integrated into the very structure of the wristband. And finally, the dual Touch Screen™ system allows you to handle all your device screens without taking off your glove. Located on the thumb and index finger, it makes using your smartphone’s camera function or the zoom feature of your GPS so much easier. Offered in a range of bright, solid colors, such as red and neon yellow, or a camo version, the boldest (or most fashion-conscious) riders will proudly pair it with their everyday looks, like those brand-name sneakers that everyone notices.



are the worthy heirs to the original STUNT…
but now they’re entering a whole new dimension!


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