– Weatherproof  /  breathable and windproof membrane developed by FIVE specifically for two-wheeled vehicles. Allows perspiration to evaporate, while it stops raindrops from getting into the glove. Attached to the external structure and the lining of the glove with adhesive strips, so that it really stays put.


– Specific 3-D polyester fiber, developed by FIVE, based on our experience in bike riding, to thermally insulate and protect from the cold. Placed between the breathable, weatherproof membrane and internal lining of the glove, this synthetic fiber traps the most effective of all insulating: air (and the natural heat from the hand)! Available in different densities and weights adapted to the different areas of the glove.


– A protective shell crafted by FIVE, with a trade-marked design, offering superior ergonomic and protective qualities, which includes an air inlet to promote ventilation of the hand.


– Ultra-stretch polymer foam that offers excellent support, with a microcellular structure and perforations that ensure optimal air and moisture flow. We use it most often for the support and breathability it provides on the wristband.

Anti-twist ties

– An element connecting the little and ring fingers, to stop the little finger from being x away from the hand in the event of a fall. Made from leather, in an accordion shape (a FIVE innovation) on our Racing gloves, in order to limit the range of motion without being constricting.

AX® Suede

– A synthetic material made from polyester microfiber. An alternative to suede leather that offers the advantage of being machine washable. Designed to enhance functions such as dexterity, flexibility, skid resistance, moisture management, etc. Comes in many varieties, with many possible applications.

Bemberg™ / Micro Bemberg™

– An artificial textile fiber obtained from natural materials, including cellulose from a variety of botanical sources, and featuring a silky texture, used as a lining inside gloves in order to offer a pleasant and comfortable contact zone.

Carbon PVC

– A protective element consisting of a carbon sheet between two layers of PVC, which gives it an optimal firmness/flexibility ratio. We often include a carbon PVC shell at the hypothenar, which we also call a palm «slider».

Carbon Thermoset

– Thermoset carbon passed through an autoclave, originating from Italy. Used in aeronautics, Formula 1, and Moto GP. Used in the protective shells of our high-end Racing style, the RFX Race. Offers high skid resistance, extremely light weight, and an exceptional level of protection.

Cat Eye™

– A polyester-based synthetic fabric with a structured upper surface.


– A synthetic material that emulates natural suede leather, used on the palm side for its comfort, skid resistance, and excellent grip. Machine washable.

Clear Vision Pad™

– A micro-terry cloth fabric panel that allows you to wipe off your helmet’s visor or mask while riding. (A FIVE brand name)


– Optional cable-connection kit that allows for the connection of FIVE HG heated gloves to the battery or cigarette lighter socket on the motorcycle.

Cordura® Stretch

– Cordura®. A heavy-duty fabric that offers elastic qualities in its Stretch version.


– Heating control system using a single button (implemented on the new generation of FIVE HG heated gloves) that allows for simultaneous control of the heating level in both gloves with a single button on the right hand, since both gloves are wirelessly connected. 


– A textured effect that highlights a decorative element (logo or other).


– A protective shell crafted by FIVE, with a trademarked design, that can be visible or concealed under fabric or leather, offering superior ergonomic and protective qualities. Available in one-piece or double versions. The single-shell TPR versions include an internal honeycombed structure for optimal shock absorption. (A FIVE brand name)

GORE-TEX® GRIP Fully bonded

– A weatherproof/breathable benchmark membrane offering superior weather-resistance and breathability, featuring the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY ™ pledge. Fully molds to the shape of the palm for exceptional user comfort and enhanced touch sensitivity.

GORE-TEX® GRIP Partially bonded

– A weatherproof / breathable benchmark membrane offering superior weather-resistance and breathability qualities, featuring the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ pledge. Partially molds to the shape of the palm, so that it really stays put.


– A weatherproof/breathable benchmark membrane offering superior weather-resistance and breathability qualities, featuring the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ pledge.


– A stitching thread originating from Germany. Used on our high-performance gloves due to its superior tear resistance and ability to limit the risk of cuts in the event of an accident.

HG / Heating Technology

– Heating glove. Heating technology. A glove that is heated by resistors and either a self-contained battery or mini-cigarette lighter power cord. It’s possible to adjust the level of heat by favoring the perceived temperature or the battery life. (A FIVE brand name)


– A weatherproof/breathable membrane offering excellent weather-resistance and breathability.


– A part of the hand that includes a group of muscles that govern the movements of the little finger.


– A synthetic fiber that is extremely resistant to tearing, perforation, and skidding, made from aramid resin. This high level of toughness makes it a material used in, as one example, the manufacture of bullet-proof vests.

KEVLAR® stretch

– Kevlar® fiber featuring elastic qualities.

Leather / Goat

– Leather used to make our gloves, due to its superior suppleness.

Leather / Cowhide

– Leather used to make our gloves, due to its superior toughness and durability.

Leather / Digital

– Leather whose surface is laser-embossed to create a multitude of tiny prints to enhance grip on the controls in wet weather.

Leather / Full-grain

– Leather that has its upper layer intact, thus featuring all the natural irregularities of the animal hide.


– A synthetic fiber with elastic properties. We use it in the areas that require perfect elasticity, such as finger contours or the wrist opening.

Memory foam

– A material made of viscoelastic foam that recovers its original shape when it is deformed. We use it in the zones that require impact absorption or as a comfort element.

Mesh Fabric

– A honeycombed fabric that eases airflow.

Mesh Fabric 3D

– A honeycombed fabric that eases airflow, with cells that feature a bulky texture.


– The set of bones that form the structure of the palm of the hand, located between the fingers and the wrist.


– A premium material from Japan, introduced by FIVE within the palm of our high-end motocross gloves, chosen for its exceptional anti-skid, slimness, suppleness, moisture absorption, and thermal barrier properties. Made up of fibers measuring 700 nanometers in diameter.


– A leather finish that features a velvety effect obtained through scraping / polishing of its upper surface.

Over Size Cuff

– A zipper adjustment system that allows you to expand your glove’s cuff so that it more easily covers your jacket sleeve.

One Way Stretch™

– Stretch material that is inserted at the fourchettes zone (between fingers) of some models for optimal flexibility.

Palm reinforcement

– Leather, fabric, or PU Grip elements that are designed to enhance the comfort of the glove on the palm side, its grip, and its chafe resistance.


– The best alternative to eiderdown, without its drawbacks. A high-performance thermal insulation material made from a trademarked synthetic microfiber. Developed in 1983 for the U.S. Army as an alternative to goose down, synthetic, insulating, and water-resistant. Offers a high level of comfort in cold weather by retaining the hand’s natural heat. Available in different varieties and densities.


– Polyurethane. A flexible plastic material.


– A Polyurethane panel whose surface features hollow and textured dots that give it excellent grip in wet conditions.material.


– A pull-tab that makes slipping on a glove easier. (A FIVE brand name)


– Polyvinyl chloride. A highly stable plastic material that exists in rigid or flexible forms.


– Reflective elements that mirror headlight brightness, to make motorcylists visible to others on the road during night-time riding.


– A Lycra®-based synthetic material, renowned for its elasticity. Used to enhance elasticity over a specific part of the glove.

Spandex™ 4-Way

– A Lycra®-based synthetic material, renowned for its elasticity. Stretches in 4 different directions (up-down and left-right). Used to enhance the overall elasticity of the glove.


– A material that is highly resistant to skids and to sharp or pointed elements, made of a fabric base whose surface is covered with a multitude of textured resin dots that form a protective barrier. It is also weatherproof and breathable. We use it mostly on our high-performance gloves.

Synthetic Leather

– For FIVE, a fine substitute for natural suede leather. Used mainly on the palm side due to its elasticity, durability, and comfort. Machine washable. A vegan material.

Thermo +

– An innovative FIVE concept in winter glove insulation that reduces heat loss between the fingers and offers up to 20% thermal gain. Unlike in classic glove construction, the area between the fingers hosts insulation that is equivalent to that on the topside of the hand and not the thinner insulation on the palm. The resulting insulation creates a more efficient thermal barrier that keeps the hand’s natural heat inside the glove.


– The rounded, muscular mound on the upper part of the hand, underneath the thumb.

Touch Screen™

– The inclusion of elements that allow for the handling of touchscreens without removing your glove. It is most often found on the index or the index finger and thumb, depending on the particular style of glove. (A FIVE brand name)


– Thermo-Propylene Rubber. A material that can be molded or extruded above its melting point. Used as a decorative or protective element on our gloves.


– Thermo-polyurethane. A plastic material that can be variably firm or flexible, obtained through thermo-molding. We use it for some of our protective shells.

TT / Tourist Trophy

– A motorcycle race that is regarded as the most dangerous in the world. It takes place over the roadways of the Isle of Man (UK). Official FIVE rider Peter HICKMAN, equipped with RFX Race gloves, holds the all-time average speed record for this race (218 km/h – 135 mph), and has claimed victories in all its categories.


– A specific method of assembling the wristband elements, developed by FIVE to make it easier to slip on the glove. (A FIVE brand name)

Vegan Friendly

– A synthetic glove that contains no elements of animal origin in its composition.


– A contact closure system using tiny hooks and textile loops, commonly known as «scratch» in French.

Water-repellent fabric

– Fabric with a texture that allows water droplets to slip over its surface and thus slow their penetration into the glove.


– Weatherproof. A glove that features a waterproof, breathable membrane and can be used in the rain, because it keeps hands dry.