Thank you, Electricity!

In theory, a heated glove is a winter glove with an added electrical resistor circuit powered by individual batteries, placed within the gloves or directly connected to the motorcycle.



Its purpose is to produce artificial heat that repels the cold riders eventually feel when at the controls of a motorcycle in winter. But the inclusion of these electrical circuits requires a specific design and a certain level of expertise. 

Our HG technology includes 1.3 mm-thick resistors (in other words, electrical wires), strategically placed on the back of the hand and the fingers, all the way down to their very tip, and on the inside of the last phalange. This type of construction offers uniform heat right where the cold is most acute, without compromising on palm sensitivity. Indeed, we haven’t placed electrical resistors on the inside of the palm so we don’t hinder your grip on the controls, but we have inserted a thin layer of thermal insulation. The heated handlebars grips of some motorcycles, which heat the inside of the palm, offer a good addition to heated gloves, which warm up the zones that are most exposed to the cold: the back of the hand and the fingertips.

But there’s a major difference between the temperature sent through the resistors and what the rider will feel when they’re on the move. The latter depends on external factors such as riding speed, the outside temperature, the wind, the length of the ride, the period of exposure to the cold, each individual’s temperature sensitivity, etc. Each rider will thus adapt the level of heat as desired, depending on these different parameters. Our system offers 3 levels of heat: Eco, Regular, and Boost. Each of these sends 45°C, 50°C, or 60°C heat through the circuit, to keep hands at a comfortable temperature. The goal isn’t to feel too much heat, but simply to make sure that your hands don’t get too cold during your ride. In Eco mode, battery life can last up to 6 hours. In Boost mode, which consumes more energy, power will last for around 2 hours. Battery life will vary depending on various parameters (the actual battery charge level, the temperature, the level of humidity, etc.).



Our new HG technology now features a second cable within the battery pocket for connecting the gloves to an AC electrical charger or our motorcycle connection kit.

The batteries can then be recharged while you’re heating the gloves. The 7.2-volt, 2.2 Ah batteries reach a full charge in just 4 hours with the dual charger provided. They can remain in their pocket within the glove while they’re being charged.

When you ride, the temperature drops as you speed up. This is what you call wind chill. At 90 km/h and a 10°C temperature outside, it can rapidly feel below freezing if you’re not wearing the right equipment. This is why heated gloves, and the FIVE HGs in particular, are becoming so popular for winter motorcycle rides.

If you want to fully enjoy all the advantages of the FIVE Heat Technology heating system, whatever the length of your journeys, opt for the FIVE Connection Kit, which will allow you to connect your FIVE HG gloves directly to the cigarette-lighter socket or the battery of your motorcycle. Available from your official FIVE retailer.

or how to make it easier and safer
to adjust your heated glove controls. 

The new DUAL CONTROL system developed by FIVE wants to make starting up and adjusting your HG heated gloves simpler and safer than ever. 



Starting from the premise that the less you let up on the handlebars and controls, the safer your riding will be, we’ve designed a system that allows you to control the heating and adjust both of your gloves while you keep your right hand on the controls, on the throttle and front brake, which are essential elements for keeping your motorcycle under control.

Placed on the cuff or the back of the right hand, depending on the style, the DUAL CONTROL button allows you to activate the heating on your gloves and adjust its level, cycling through the three levels by simply pressing repeatedly with your left index finger. The two gloves are connected using electromagnetic waves.


The LED screen on the left glove displays the 3 levels of heat available, as well as the one selected, and the LED battery indicator on each hand allows you to know how much power you have left to heat each glove.


The FIVE Dual Control system, simpler and safer, allows you to stay focused on the road by keeping a hand constantly on the handlebars. It takes our new heating technology, and, especially, the riding experience, to a new level of efficiency and ease of use under wintertime conditions.