Your daily Sport.

Recently integrated to our Woman collection, the RFX Sport is now the entry-level style for our Racing styles. It’s more focused on comfort than performance, and is designed for riders looking for an effective, accessible glove for everyday riding on a sport or road bike. It offers a more-than-satisfactory level of protection and comfort for road use, with its goatskin construction, main one-piece PVC shell concealed underneath the leather (perforated for an energetic look), multiple foam reinforcements, and TPR hypothenar protective shell. It deliberately retains a relatively classic look for a sport glove, so it can be your perfectly discreet companion from the road to the office.


  • Full-grain goatskin construction (topside and palm) for extreme suppleness
  • PVC metacarpo-phalangeal protective shells under leather (perforated for a great look)
  • Stretch comfort gusset over the wrists
  • External stitching on the fingers
  • Palm and ring and little finger reinforcements in synthetic leather
  • TPR hypothenar protective shell (palm slider) 
  • Dual closure system with an adjustment tab under a protective flap
  • Forearm protection from foam reinforcement under leather 
  • Index, middle, little finger and thumb knuckle protection from foam under leather 
  • Reflective nighttime visibility panel
  • Shape and size adapted to the feminine form

XS-07 / S-08 / M-09 / L-10 / XL-11


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