The evolution of a bestseller.

The Mustang used to represent the “little Custom leather glove that everyone likes”, with its minimalist aesthetic, ultra-compact size, and delicate comfort. Allow us to introduce the Mustang Evo, an optimized and updated version of this iconic style. We’ve totally redesigned it, using our new, exclusive palm-to-thumb construction, for a fit that’s even more precise and comfortable. It’s made in 100% full-grain goat leather, renowned for its suppleness and perforated for better airflow and sweat evaporation. The Mustang Evo has opted for a subtle look, with its protective shell hidden underneath the leather and its large insert adorned with a FIVE Custom logo embossed on the palm. Its closure system is now placed on the inside of the wrist, which makes for easier handling with a more intuitive feel and a tab that’s less likely to open unexpectedly. Safety has been reinforced by subtly lengthening the glove for better wrist coverage, without changing the “ultra-short” character that made the Mustang so successful. It’s been a logical, practical evolution, with the addition of the Touch Screen™ system that allows you to handle device touchscreens without taking off your gloves. The Mustang Evo is sure to go perfectly with any Custom or neo-retro machine or even with more conventional motorcycles, since it’s so alluring, with its universal, timeless style. Available in Men’s or Women’s versions.


  • Perforated goat leather topside construction 
  • Supple full-grain goat leather palm 
  • TPR metacarpal-knuckle protective shell underneath the leather
  • Leather palm reinforcement
  • Embossed FIVE Custom logo
  • Touch Screen™ system on the index finger
  • New Velcro closure positioning underneath the wrist
  • CE KP1
  • Forme et taille adaptées à la morphologie féminine

XS-07 / S-08 / M-09 / L-10 / XL-11


Sizes chart