HG1 EVO WP Black

The all-leather heated glove.

The HG1 Evo WP replaces its predecessor, the HG1 WP, which had been our top-of-the-range heated glove, offering the latest generation of Dual Control heating technology. It offers a real advance, both in practical and aesthetic terms, with its ERGO PROTECH® protective elements that are featured in a number of our new styles. It’s designed for those who consider leather to be the safest material to protect you if you hit the ground, or if the temperatures drop. Its topside construction and palm are covered in supple full-grain goat leather, making it an elegant, protective, and supremely comfortable glove. With Dual Control, which allows you to control the level of heat for both gloves using a single button on the right hand, we’ve focused on making riders’ lives easier, and their rides as safe as possible. This way, your right hand can stay on the controls (throttle and front brake), ensuring a safer experience when you change the level of heat while you ride. The new-gen plugs within the glove allow you to connect to your motorcycle battery quickly and easily, using the optional Connection Kit*, so you can recharge your gloves’ batteries on the go. Because sometimes, you have to wear a heated glove in the rain, the HG1 Evo WP features a 5_DRYTECH™ weatherproof, breathable membrane, developed by FIVE to keep your hands dry. A heated glove should be comfortable even when the heating system isn’t activated. So, we’ve called upon the expertise of Primaloft®, an absolute benchmark in the industry, with their Primaloft Gold™ insulation. Less bulky and trapping more air than most insulation, it’s more effective at retaining the natural heat from your hands. Since it’s also water-repellent, it won’t take on water or moisture of any kind. This is why Primaloft® is the gold standard for mountaineering apparel. The HG1 Evo WP features, of course, all the safety (Ergo Protech™ protective shells) and comfort (Touch Screen™, Clear Vision Pad™, Pull’n’ride™) features that are typical of new-gen FIVE gloves.

HG1 Evo WP is made for those of you who consider leather the noblest of materials, and electricity, the best of all inventions.


  • Full-grain goat leather + nylon topside construction
  • Full-grain goat leather palm 
  • Dual Control™ Heating Technology
  • 5_DRYTECH™ weatherproof, breathable membrane
  • PrimaLoft® Gold 170 g thermal insulation on the topside
  • PrimaLoft® Grip Control 60 g thermal insulation on the palm
  • Aluminum foil insert on the topside
  • ERGO PROTECH® metacarpal-knuckle protector 
  • ERGO PROTECH® honeycombed palm slider
  • OverSizeCuff™ adjustable cuff
  • Water-resistant Battery pocket
  • Anti-drip lining on the cuff
  • Reflective print
  • Single Closure System 
  • Clear Vision Pad™ on the left hand
  • Touch Screen™ system on the index finger and thumb
  • CE KP1

XS-07 / S-08 / M-09 / L-10
XL-11 / 2XL-12 / 3XL-13


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