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The main thing with touring is the fun of putting the miles on the clock and travelling the globe. If you’re talking grand tourisme, you’re talking maximum comfort. In order to enjoy the countryside and get the most out of cruising down both the highways and the winding roads, corner after corner, you’ve got to be kitted out with the best. Your glove is the essential link between you and the bike, forming a barrier against your environment: wind, rain, snow and sun. That’s why we designed gloves for all seasons, like the versatile GT1 WaterProof or the GT1 Air, perfect for riding in hot, dry weather. Now, our specialist Touring range is complemented by our Winter and Mid-season collections like the X-Rider, perfect for those long journeys. These pictures taken by photographer Antonin Grenier and producer Boris Proust at the foot of the Pic Saint Loup, in the south of France, are practically begging you to travel.

Thanks to Philippe Vie (AllRoad) for his invaluable help riding his own bike and to Guilhem Boronad (Honda Motosport) for the loan of the Honda X-Tourer.