Backstage Shooting Race

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Alès 2014

The photos and the video showing off the FIVE RFX Race glove that you’ll find on our website were shot on the Alès circuit in the south of France.

FIVE sent a full film crew for the two-day shoot at the circuit provided by Pôle Mécanique.Riding the FIVE Racing Department’s Yamaha, Boris Chambon, now managing FIVE’s Competition and Product Development, showed that he’d still got it, even if low temperatures during the shoot urged the greatest caution. He showed the patience of a supermodel, posing as many times as required, and the whole team could appreciate the flexibility for which he is well known.

Raphaël Sauze, whose work regularly appears on, was behind the camera and took care of filming and production. As well as pouring all his expertise into this two-minute film, he also brought with him a raft of state-of-the-art equipment: HD camera, slow-motion camera, drone camera, rotor camera, on-board camera, high-powered computer, not to mention numerous trade secrets. Flavien Duhamel, at the top of his game as photographer of extreme sports competitors for a famous energy drinks brand, took the photos for the RFX Race global advertising campaign. Boris’ outfit and the design on his motorcycle were made especially for him by ASD. As FIVE only make gloves, this is unique, tailor-made kit. Our thanks go to Loïc, Head of Pôle Mécanique d’Alès, and his team for the warm welcome they extended to the film crew.