Vintage and ventilated.

There’s no denying the DAKOTA AIR’s automotive inspiration, and we could imagine it resting on a 1967 Chevy Impala dashboard. Still, the fact of the matter is that it’s designed for motorbike riding, and thus offers all the essential features for steering a vintage or neo-retro machine, including an integrated protective shell. The perforated leather, with its “refreshing” qualities, paired with the topstitched leather on the cuff, gives this style tons of class.


  • Total full-grain goatskin construction for suppleness, perforated for airflow (palm and topside)
  • One-piece PU metacarpal-knuckle protective shell underneath the leather
  • Hypothenar muscle protection with topstitched full-grain cowhide reinforcement panel
  • Topstitched goatskin palm reinforcement
  • Closure system with leather tab + press-stud and leather on-off pull tab
  • V-Five Signature element (inside of the index and middle fingers on the left hand in red)

Sizes : from XS to XXXL
XS-07 0318090107 / S-08 0318090108 / M-09 0318090109 / L-10 0318090110
XL-11 0318090111 / 2XL-12 0318090112 / 3XL-13 0318090113